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Dane’s First Wheels

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

During our weekly culture intake of Jersey Shore (of course Tuesdays see us discussing Rousseau’s criticism of modern liberalism, Wednesdays are English Romanticism with a particular emphasis on Herbert Spencer and Social Darwinism, followed by equally stimulating topics…) Dane’s mom and I decided to put together his new stroller and car seat. 

Thanks to paternal grandparents Renae and Mike for the stroller and car seat. 

Mom's Command Center - It takes her mind off of the extra human placing his demands on her body.

She's Crafty!

Is this too much like the previous pic? This shot is blurry?

We both hope to be this happy when we push the little guy around. (Hopefully he won't cry a lot.)

So this is Dane's brother's first pic. We'll see how long it is allowed to stay in this post!

I've always loved eating paint chips and, "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is".

Next stop will be the local fire department where Dane’s car seat base will be professionally installed into Mommy’s car.

“Sweep the leg Dane”

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Per the doctor’s orders, we have been keeping a “kick count” of Dane lately.  A decent count is 20 kicks within a two hour period.  It seems our little Dane is a bit of a Karate Kid, with Mommy getting sufficient results that cause her to end the count because the number gets too high.  Of course some of these blows may be “paint the fence” punches, but who’s to say.  In any case, images of Daniel Larusso fighting Johnny’s evil “sweep the leg” mentality come to mind.

Twisted?  Silly?  What do you think?