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Dane Grows!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

He’s getting so big and just generally loving life! Words just really can’t explain it…

Memorial Day at Lake Arrowhead

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Dane and family had a special treat over Memorial Day weekend when Uncle G and Aunt Erica invited us to their rental at Lake Arrowhead.  2 hours from Camarillo (less from LA), Lake Arrowhead is truly an Escape.  An alpine lake at thousands of feet, Arrowhead is nestled amongst pines steeply sloping to the fridgid waters.  (Perhaps you’ve had a bottle of Arrowhead water?)

We all stayed in a beautiful house with breathtaking views of the lake.  Everywhere we looked, there were trees and lake.  Wonderful!  The weekend was so relaxing, “The Adventures of Dane” photographers didn’t get too many shots, but we’ll try harder next time.

Dane and Uncle G!

Dane and his favorite female cousin

Dane has great genes!

Bathing the weekend away.

Saturday Morning – More Dane?

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Below is an assortment of our 16 lb baby.  That’s right, 16 lbs!  Dane went to the Dr. yesterday to get his second round of shots and was weighed in the process.  In addition, the Dr. gave the little guy a 10 on the handsome/cuteness scale.  (It’s a new, progressive, scaling reserved for only the best of babies.) 

Last night, Mommy and Daddy were looking at photos and videos of Dane throughout his first weeks and were amazed at the change in size for the little guy.  He’s growing so fast:  holding his head up, standing, talking with baby speak, and believe it or not, getting cuter.  Dad thinks that he’ll probably be able to surf this summer.  Go Dane!

I can hear the little guy fussing a bit in the other room, unusual for the morning.  The innoculations  must be bringing a little sickness.  Here are a few “shots” of a happier baby.

Daddy likes this outfit!


Have you been drinking?

Hello there!

Look into my eyes. . . . . . . Now buy me toys ;-}

Just wanted to throw in an oldie but a goodie!


They Grow Up So Fast!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

It seems like only 3 months ago that Dane was only 7lbs 12ozs and was just a tiny little guy.  In just those 3 months, he has changed so much.  Every day offers a new glimpse into who Dane is. 

Enjoy a couple of cell phone pics taken by Dane’s Mommy to help Daddy make it through the daily Dane Withdrawls.  Bring on summer.

Well, hello there!

Dane doesn't miss many meals!