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Dane’s First Cold

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Dane has his first case of the sniffles. The little guy has been coughing, sneezing, sounding hoarse, and emitting profuse amounts of snot from his nose. He’s still smiling and playing, but is taking more to holding on to Mommy for comfort than jumping in his bouncy chair.

His new parents have faired well, as an ER or doctor visit has so far, been out of the cards.

Below are a couple of cell phone pictures Mommy took showing Dane on the speedy road to recovery and modeling his new PJ’s. (This kid needs to stop growing, for reals.) The second shot is courtesy of Dane taking a day off from his “daily duties” and blessing Mommy with a onesie full of …

*Fact: The tears of Chuck Norris have been proven to cure cancer. The only issue with this fact, Chuck Norris has never cried. Now only if Dane could get a hold of one of those tears, his cold would disappear.

That monkey used to be the same size as Dane!

Dane's a happy camper for being sick!