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Daddy was trying to be a photo – grapher

Monday, October 3rd, 2011



Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Any parent reading this will have a story or two about teething.  They’ll probably tell you that it’s not a lot of fun for the child, or the parents, and that a bit of crying was involved.

Dane has a tiny tooth erupting from his lower gum, reminding his parents of the mini Altoids (The squares, of the mini variety.  Aw, just look this one up.)  It’s the central incisor, number 71.  He rubs at it, bites on everything, and gets a little fevered at times. 

It’s a beautiful tooth.  The best one we’ve ever seen.

So yeah, I've spilt something on my bib, but do you wanna check out my tooth?

I will bite you!

Sorry, we couldn't get a shot of the tooth, but here's a cute baby instead!

Dane visits the Getty

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Dane got his first taste of fine art today as he visited the Getty Center for “Pacific Standard Time”, an exhibit of LA painting and sculpture from 1950-1970.  Dane seemed to enjoy the art although the British Watercolor and Getty Gardens just couldn’t keep his eyes open.  Many of the colors and shapes caught his eye and we could tell that something was turning inside that head of his.  The little guy wasn’t shy in offering his opinion on the pieces.  He jabbered on about the stroke on an oil painting, the artists choice of media, symbolism gone awry, and went so far as to spit up on Mommy’s shoulder at the color pallete chosen by one artist. 

Dane seemed to like the tram ride and was a big hit with all of the other visitors in his close proximity.  While eating burgers at Islands after the museum, Dane enjoyed chatting with the group dining next to us.  We had a hard time keeping his attention during dinner, as he was enamored with a girl a couple of booths over.  Luckily, her boyfriend didn’t seem to mind. 

Keys Please


Oh boy, I can touch the paintings!

I'm hoping to catch up on my Surrealism and French Impressionism

7 Floors of subterranean parking at the Getty

Dane, Devan, Dude, Downtown

(That’s Santa Monica/Beverly Hills in the immediate background, with downtown LA a bit further back.)


Getty and Gardens

Dane and Daddy at Islands

Got any Sweet Potatoes

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011


Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Dane recently made his first trip to the local library.  Although he remains unable to read, the little guy did leave the building 3 IQ points higher.  Mom and Dad were excited by the experience and anxiously look forward to the many learning activities in which Dane will participate.

Someone please read this to me!

Everyone loves the Camarillo Library. (Peter Pan influenced children's area.)


This is a totally unrelated photo, but don't you want to squeeze my cheeks?