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Maui – A Dane Mix

Friday, April 27th, 2012

All Apologies

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

We’re sorry!

First, we’re sorry that Dane’s epic Maui video is taking so long to produce. Daddy has had issues with cutting the video and saving the project on his computer. He’s lost his work 5 times! That’s right, 5 times! 5 times, a lot of work has been lost. Most recently, Daddy made due, sacrificing his vision, to create a video with sound that was a bit lacking. Unfortunately, the video was 10:01 and the maximum upload for Youtube is 9:59. Go Daddy! We’ve got and ETA release date for this weekend, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Stupid computer.

Next, we’re sorry for all of these great photos. We’re also sorry that Mommy’s cellphone has a small crack in the lens and doesn’t take the quality of photos that you deserve. There are 127 pictures that we just downloaded and then uploaded from Mommy’s phone. The majority of these photos are FUN! We’ve decided to share these in a slide show format, giving you one stop to look at Dane. We hope you take the time and look through them all, as they span several months and give a window into the great range that is Dane’s life. These shots are unfiltered, unedited, Dane!

Weekend Getaway With Friends

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

This past weekend saw Dane travel to Newport Coast in Orange County to visit his good buddy Mason. The two had a great time playing together, sharing toys, and hamming it up for the camera, until Mason came down with a case of the yuckies.

Dane also experienced his first “love ‘em and leave ‘em” experience, being pursued by a Spanish flame named Valentina. She was planting the hugs on Dane, and then he’d strut off with her in chase.

Thanks to the Straits for a fun weekend! Go Dane!

Of Course I Like To Party

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Can I hit you on the head?

Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I thought of Maui today. The air was soft, sun in the afternoon bounced off of the leaves, golden and quiet. It’s that late afternoon glow that the ocean in the islands feels like. Your eyes catch it, you feel it. In the sun, you really feel it. It’s the shade of blue to the touch. Hawaiian. Outside, before nightfall.

“Maui – A Dane Mix” is in the works! Here’s a teaser. Grab a mai-tai if you’d like. Sip it. Think of sand, and bronzed shoulders, sun dresses, and splashing. Think of happy times, and the light of the sun.

Dane In Diaper

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Is that an artsy title? You know we try around here. Please don’t accuse us of being try-hards, as that’s not cool, and Dane is all things cool. Mommy will just say that Dane is a baby, but our secret will be the cool. Tre’ cool, eh?

Now look at Dane in his diaper and smile! (With the exception of his Uncle Joshy, few of you can say that you are cool enough to be, currently wearing a diaper. That’s right, as I type, Dane is, even now, wearing a diaper.)

Let's see! Is there anything in here for me to break?

Dane sags. That's cool!

Oh, you see me here?

So what are you going to do?

I bet you didn't know it was me!

I didn't think so.

Now my Mommy will give me milk. See you next time.

365 Dane Days

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

What? You didn’t make Dane’s one year birthday party. Well, now you can. All for the low price of a simple bandwidth borrowing download, you too can feel like you were there, and other stuff.

In other TAD news, we have decided to address our lacking numbers in the key 18-25 demographic. There now is a drinking game you can play as you browse TAD. Every time you see a misspelling or grammatical error, take a drink of your favorite adult beverage. Pretty soon, colleges all across the country will be following the life of our little guy. (You may want to take it easy on the most recent posts, as alcohol poisoning is a serious issue facing our nation, right next to processed food intake.)

Enjoy Dane’s first birthday!

Pure Gold!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

This video is GOLD! It’s got a bit of everything inside. I don’t want to explain too much, but there are all kinds of twists and turns. Did Aunt Erika play softball? Is Dane destined to be a gardener? It’s just funny, what else can we say.

*Editor’s note: We beg that all parties forgive us for broadcasting them in their pajamas. If you look closely, you’ll notice Mommy dressed and in makeup, whilst everyone else is “wakin’ up”. Just another one of those things we were mentioning above.

Enjoy Dane and his cousins enjoying Easter! Good times!

Virginia Is For Lovers, Maui Is For MaiTais

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Dane visited Maui for Spring Break with Grammy and GrandPa. He loved the beach, ocean, sea turtles, and the tropical air.

Stay tuned for “Maui – A Dane Mix” the movie, “Aloha Means Hello and Good-Bye” the book, and original music by Dane that was inspired by Maui.

(Click on the photo, then click “Full screen” above the top left corner of the photo to view a full screen slide show.)

(Edit: Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for inviting us on the trip and contributing to Dane’s first entrance into the ocean, perhaps his father’s happiest moment on Earth. Thanks also to Mamma’s Fish House, and Grandpa for recommending the restaurant. This too, was one of Dane’s father’s happiest moments on Earth, at least as far as dining experiences go. If you go to Maui, EAT HERE!!!)

Dane and the Big Bunny

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Thanks go out to the Clemons family for inviting Dane and parentals along to his first Easter Egg Hunt. Dane had a blast at the event! He played with animals in the petting zoo and hunted for eggs. Next year, he’ll get to ride the ponies, jump in the bounce house, and hit the bar for a Bloody Mary.

You’ll see Dane and his cousins Ryan and Jack playing in the grass, sizing you the loot from the day’s hunt. His cousins were enamored by Baby Dane, and Dane got a huge kick out of playing with them. The weekend, from the eye’s of Dane and family, was a total success.

Thanks again to the Clemons family for having us, for what now has become an awesome family tradition. (That’s 2 years in a row spending Easter together.)