Memorial Day and Dane

We’ve got shots of Dane. Most of them are from Memorial Day at the park, but I think the first one if pre-move. There are many to choose from , as we here at TAD have no respect for the digital. Digital storage ain’t expensive, and we ain’t afraid to use it.

There is a shortage of shots, as our editor is 3/4 finished with a nice Maker’s Mark and Pepsi (say what?) and is feeling a bit lazy. So mote it be!

Let's see that yard!

Park time!

Pretty flowers.

My Daddy played soccer.

He was good!

Ask him, he'll tell you.

Check me out.

Chicks can just call my Daddy, and he'll give me the message.

Where's my power forward?

Now I'm just hamming it up.

I am Dane!


Thanks Mommy. I love you!


I like to get a little dirty.

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