They Grow Up So Fast.

Dane’s sleeping through the night! That’s right, two nights in a row, 8 hours+. Now the blog administrators (parental units) may be jumping the gun a bit, but dad is eyeing a bottle of champagne in the fridge and mom is eyeing the prospects of wathcing dad drink said bottle of champagne. (It’s easy to talk tough from behind the keyboard on the internets.)

In addition to sleeping for prolonged periods of time, Dane has been greatly increasing his neck strength and has been talking up a storm. In addition, his unicorn drawing skills have increased by 100%.

After growing an impressive milk belly for several weeks, it seems the little guy is begining to grow upwards, switching to 3-6 month clothing days before his 3 month birthday.  Go Dane!

Announcement Photoshoot Outtakes

I'm feeling a bit sheepish!

Dane's favorite ab workout.


Give me 5.

Mommy can make angels!