Dane’s Kicking off Summer

Dane seems to be happy that dad is home for summer. The two boys get a little hang time in the mornings, allowing Mommy to get a little nap in. She needs it, as Dane has decided he doesn’t want to sleep through the night any more, and would rather, a midnight snack. Never fear, Mommy and Daddy are strategizing a plan of attack for Dane’s scheduling. 

Daddy’s oldest friend Bryan, his wife Adri, and the star of the show, Mason are visiting from Houston this week.  They were able to accompany Dane on an excursion to Santa Barbara.  Dane faired well on the adventure, only becoming fussy on the drive home.  In his defense, it was a little late and encroaching upon Dane’s “wind down” time.  As he always says, “It’s tough work being so cute.”

We haven’t seen the evidence yet, but there is word of a picture of the two daddies pushing strollers down State Street in Santa Barbara.  Daddies’ plans of ditching the mommies and picking up chicks was foiled early and a great time was had by all.  Best of all, the mommies didn’t buy ANYTHING!  (Just kidding, they did get a small amount of cosmetics.  Miracles don’t happen!)

Daddie's morning breath knocked Dane out

Sleeping Angel

What does Dane dream of when he takes a little Dane nap?

Hi everybody!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Let me wake up

Dog-gone cute!

"I'm shy Daddy!"

Is it time for my fashion show?

That's not a beer belly.

Bryan and Dane giving you the red-eyed stare. Are you scared?

Shout out for Mason!!! (Owls go "Who, who"!)

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