More From Mommy’s CellPhone

Technology.  There’s so much that you can say about it, helping our lives in so many ways, turning us into poor communicators, constantly sucked from the present moment.  But whatever your feelings, you have to agree that the cellphone has served as a revolution.  No longer do we have to use the same dirty phones as the homeless, sit in traffic bored, talk to anyone, as the games and texting can transport us out of any and every situation (the last one was a jolly zinger.  Go Santa!)  The fact is, cellphones take great pictures, can hold lots of music, and have a greater processing power than the first 5 computers I owned.  Cellphones have captured some of Dane’s more comical moments, so here they are.

This is from September, but makes me giggle a bit.


November 11 was a little blurry.


Does it get any cuter than this?


Are you staring at my booty?


Did you smell Mommy's breath?


Blurry but cool


Did you see the dragon tattoo on that weird chick?


Lunch at Ikea. Where's the Swedish Meatballs?


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